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Flat Work

Luigi’s excels at providing some of the most durable and attractive flat work concrete in the business, servicing different types of customers from commercial and municipal to residential.  Flat work is exterior concrete that forms a flat surface for use as a driveway, patio, sidewalk or walkway, which is usually textured to form a non-slip surface. In addition to our normal concrete, we also offer decorative styles such as acid stained, stamped, and exposed aggregate. We can create the right look and feel for each customer, including concrete designed to resemble other materials, such as wood or stonework.

Underpinning & Screw Piles

Underpinning is a new process of stabilizing and supporting concrete. It is more efficient and durable, and prevents heaving and cracking of the new concrete. In the process of screw-piling, supports are screwed into the ground beneath the concrete at intervals to provide the needed support. When the ground shifts over time, usually due to temperature changes and moisture, the screw piles are not affected in the same way, and hold their support to prevent cracking. You may require underpinning if you are creating new buildings or new patios, and if you wish to retrofit existing concrete for durability.

Concrete Cutting & Coring

Luigi’s offers concrete cutting and coring to service new or existing concrete that needs to be modified when you renovate your landscape or interior property. For instance, if you need to remove part of an existing concrete slab to make room for a deck, patio, or garden, you might require concrete cutting. If you wish to install new appliances, or perform gas or electrical work in your home, you may require concrete coring.

Our core drills are powerful drills designed to cut through concrete and remove a cylinder of the material.  We use a Diamond Core Drill to get the job done right, every time.


Sandblasting is a professional service that Luigi’s Concrete offers to clean and resurface old or damaged concrete. If you have dirt, debris, paint, rust, or some other contaminant on your existing concrete, sandblasting will clean the area to bring it back to its pristine condition. You may also require sandblasting to prepare your surface for the application of a coating or bonding.

Project Management and Equipment Services:

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