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Learn About Our Settlement Repair Services

We provide settlement and foundation repair through the Settlement Repair Company, which was established in 2004. Our  settlement repair branch is well versed in numerous remedial foundation solutions, including crack repair, water proofing, underpinning, weeping tile repair, and video inspection.

Settlement repair is a natural adjunct of our service, since the ground beneath concrete installations can shift and change over time due to moisture, temperature changes, and pressure changes. Screw piling is a new service we provide for both old and new concrete installations, extending the life of concrete products and preventing damage due to settling.

Underpinning with Screw Piles

Screw piles are a great alternative to concrete piles for your deck or patio, or for this walkway project below.  Unlike concrete piles, screw piles will not shift or heave with the freeze-thaw cycles.  They are convenient to install and non-destructive to the landscape, creating only a small disturbance at the surface of the installation. Once screw piles are installed, construction can begin immediately.

If you want to know more about screw piles and underpinning for your next project, or for your existing installation, call us to learn more!